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Hi, I'm Chris. I am a professional wrestler, personal trainer and entertainer.  As a life-long resident of Los Angeles, California, I am also a die-hard Lakers Fan.  

I signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2001, one of the youngest acquisitions in the company's history.  Through my work, both with WWE and more recently in Independent Wrestling, I have traveled the globe, benefiting from the opportunity to meet, engage and appreciate people around the world.  

I have been training for more than 20 years and fitness is part of my DNA.  I am constantly learning new strategies to improve the muscles in both my body and my brain...and I'd like to work with you too.


I've worked with...

I've wrestled ACROSS

      THE GLOBE       

Afghanistan | Algeria | Australia | Austria | Barbados | Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Canada   Denmark | Dominican Republic | Egypt | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Guatemala  Hungary | India | Iraq | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Luxembourg | Mexico | Morocco | Nepal  Netherlands | New Zealand | Nigeria | Norway | Pakistan | Panama | Philippines | Poland  Portugal | Qatar | Romania | Singapore | Slovenia | Spain | Sudan | Sweden | Switzerland  Thailand | Tunisia | Turkey | United Kingdom | United States 


“In regards to fitness, Chris has taught me everything I know."

Carlito Colon, Professional Wrestler

“Chris Masters is one of the strongest guys I've ever wrestled."

John Cena, WWE Champion 

   "His stage presence and dependability as a performer are top-notch."

Steven Fludder, Promoter

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